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Fire Rated Ductwork

The relative complexity of any ductwork system which is passing through different fire compartments and the relevance of the system’s function in ambient and fire conditions can make the selection of a suitable ductwork system difficult.

This section of the handbook aims to give guidance on the fire performance requirements of ductwork and offers a wide range of solutions for proprietary “off the shelf” fire rated ductwork, the protection of steel ductwork and for self-supporting systems using Promat PROMATECT®-L500 and Promat VICUCLAD®. For particularly onerous conditions e.g. where high impact strength is required or for use in aggressive environments, Promat have developed a range of systems using Promat DURASTEEL®.


  • Promat SUPALUX®
  • Promat DURASTEEL®  
  • Promat VICUCLAD®
  • Promat PROMATECT®-L500 

For details of Promat's Fire Rated Ductwork solutions click here to download Chapter 6 of the Passive Fire Protection Handbook.

For further technical information relating to Fire Rated Ductwork click Ref. No. below to download the relevant datasheet:

Ref. No. Technical Datasheet                                                
007 VICUCLAD® kitchen extract ducts  


022 Fire Compartmentation - Gas Pipes    


Services Enclosures and Protected Shafts - Maintaining Compartmentation    

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