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Promat PROMASEAL® range of fire stopping products is one of the most comprehensive in the industry, tested to stringent standards and manufactured using the highest quality materials in accordance with an independently accredited BS EN ISO 9001:2000 quality management system.

Promat PROMASEAL® provides a cost-effective solution to the latest fire stopping requirements. Effective penetration sealing prevents the passage of smoke, toxic gasses and fire through gaps around services in walls, partitions and floors.

The Promat PROMASEAL® system runs from basic gap sealing, to protecting cables and pipes through walls and floors.

Products in this range:


Promat PROMASEAL® RSB-V and RSB-N are ventilated and non-ventilated cavity barriers for use in rainscreen cladding systems. The products comprise of a rock wool section with an integral Intumescent strip bonded along one edge. In the event of direct exposure to fire, the Intumescent strip rapidly expands to fill the air gap within the rainscreen void.

Promat PROMASEAL® Fire Barriers

Promat PROMASEAL® Fire Barriers are slabs of high density rock wool with a white endothermic, ablative coating. They are designed to stop the spread of fire through openings in fire resistant walls and floors which are used for the passage of buildings and communications services.

Promat PROMASEAL® Fire Compound and Fire Compound Extra Strength

Promat PROMASEAL® Fire Compound and Fire Compound Extra Strength are used to provide a fire seal around service penetrations in walls and floors.

Promat PROMASEAL® Intumescent Acrylic Sealant and Silicone Sealant

Promat PROMASEAL® Intumescent Acrylic Sealant and Silicone Sealant have excellent adhesion to most types of surfaces and are suitable for sealing small gaps and holes in applications requiring up to 240 minutes fire resistance.

Promat PROMASEAL® Pipewrap

Promat PROMASEAL® Pipewrap is a water resistant sleeve around a flexible intumescent core and is used to maintain the fire resistance of walls and floors when they are penetrated by combustible pipework or groups of cables.

Promat PROMASEAL® UniCollar®

Promat PROMASEAL® UniCollar® is a patented method of protecting plastic pipes which pass through fire rated walls and floors. The system is supplied in a boxed continuous strip which is cut to length on site and attached to the wall or floor using supplied clips and suitable screws, bolts and anchors, if necessary.

Promat PROMASEAL® Fire Pillows

Promat PROMASEAL® Fire Pillows are used to maintain the fire resistance of walls and floors where openings for services are located. They are typically installed around cables which need to be regularly altered.

Promat PROMASEAL® Expansion Joint Strips

Promat PROMASEAL® Expansion Joint Strips are highly compressible, flexible, fire resistant seals which are used where movement joints are formed in the structure of the building.


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