Promat UK is committed to the effective management of environmental impacts associated with the manufacture and supply of products, materials and systems for protection against fire and high temperature. 

Environmental management forms an integral part of the company's business strategy and is implemented through an Environmental Management System that conforms to ISO 14001.

Promat works continuously towards improving environmental performance and sustainable growth by : 
  • Creating a safe working environment for all its employees 
  • Controlling and minimising possible negative impacts on the environment 
  • Including EHS concerns in the development of its products and systems 
  • Improving continuously its EHS performance 
  • Fostering an open dialogue with its stakeholders based on facts & figures 
  • Using EHS due diligence as standard practice for mergers & acquisitions, investments & divestments 
  • Applying the EHS policy to all Promat entities.

The policy is publicly available to all interested parties and is updated periodically to take account of applicable local, statutory and ETEX Group requirements and changes in work activity.

Environmental Management