Concrete Deck Upgrades


  • Fire protection*
  • Thermal upgrade** 
  • Thin solutions
  • Minimal fixings

**TL Board®
*/**TLFR Board®

More information available in the Fire Protection Handbook and Technical Data Sheets.

Concrete Deck Upgrades

Promat offers a number of solutions to address the increasing requirement for thermal upgrading and fire protection of semi-exposed concrete decks both in the conversion and refurbishment of existing and new building constructions.

The following points should be considered when determining the correct specification for concrete upgrades:
  • Composition of overall soffit/floor structure
  • Thickness of the overall concrete slab/soffit
  • Density of the concrete/soffit
  • Thermal requirement 
  • Fire resistance requirement
  • Preferred surface finish
  • Fixings preferred
  • System thickness requirement  

TL Board®

TLFR Board®
  • Up to 180 minutes fire protection BS EN 1363 Part 1
  • CFC/HCFC free
  • Class 0 / Class A1 fire rating BS EN 13501-1
  • Global warming potential <5

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Technical Data Sheets

Fire Protection Handbook

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