Middleport Pottery

UK - Burslem
Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios
Roof lining

UK - Burslem

Promat passive fire protection products have been used to reproduce the effect of the old timber plank lining which was originally used at Middleport Pottery in Burslem.

“Although we hadn't worked with Promat before, the products, with proven track record and third party certification, seemed ideal for this project. When the project is complete, part of the building will be operating as a pottery again, so we needed robust fire protection materials that would give the right appearance and be resilient and hard-wearing." Charles Wellingham, Clegg Bradley Studios.

Promat MASTERBOARD® and SUPALUX® were used to reproduce the effect of the old timber plank lining at Middleport Pottery, Burslem. The majority of the Promat boards were installed in 200mm wide strips, to recreate the original look and feel of the pottery’s interior, whilst providing the reliable passive fire protection demanded by today’s stringent Building Regulations.

MASTERBOARD® has been used extensively to create a new roof lining. The long-term performance of SUPALUX® was an especially important consideration in its application as partitions to create individual units within the building for letting to other new businesses.

SUPALUX® is a strong, lightweight and non-combustible building board with many fire protection and general-purpose uses. This high performance board can be used to provide up to 4 hours fire protection. MASTERBOARD® is a versatile Class 0 building board, suitable for use in a wide range of internal and semi-exposed applications, providing up to 30 minutes fire protection. Both products are simple to cut, fix and decorate, are resistant to the effects of moisture and will not rot or decay.

Now owned by the Prince’s Regeneration Trust, Middleport Pottery’s  refurbishment will bring new life to this historic site. The pottery was built in 1888 by the Burgess & Leigh partnership, and went on to become the home of the internationally sought-after blue and white Burleigh pottery.