With fire protection, there can never be doubt or compromise about standards and build quality to ensure safety of people and property. Promat provides proven products and solutions that builders and specialist contractors can trust.

How Promat Can Help

Promat’s wide range of fully tested and third party certified products provides confidence in the installation of the most robust solutions for a wide variety of passive fire protection applications and building type.

A nationwide distribution network helps ensure easy access and availability of Promat products.

Promat’s wide range of supporting documentation helps with construction, working and safety details. Refer to our Reference and Downloads sections for more information.

Promat’s expertise and comprehensive support is available to builders and contractors throughout the build process, including:

  • Dedicated Technical Sales Team: providing onsite support and guidance
  • Experienced and knowledgeable Customer Fulfillment Team: dealing with both commercial and technical enquiries

Refer to our Services section for more information.

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