Successful UK Launch for Promat PROMAFOUR®

Promat UK have successfully launched the PROMAFOUR®  insulation fireplace system at the Hearth and Home trade show in Harrogate.  

The exhibition, regarded as one of Europe's leading showcase for the fireplace industry, ran for 3 days from 8th June and was attended by chimney and fireplace distributors, retailers and installers. 

SUCCESSFUL UK LAUNCH FOR PROMAT PROMAFOUR® The PROMAFOUR® system operates at continuous temperatures of up to 1000°C and is ideal for the construction of a secure, economical fireplace with a premium finish. Some of the PROMAFOUR® features were widely welcomed by visitors, including its reduced risk of cracking and ability to be painted without the need for plastering. 
The Promat team, led by Business Development Manager Linda Hobbs, were overwhelmed with the interest shown in the new product. Mark Brockhead from Kenwyn Stove & Chimney Co Ltd, said, "I have been in this business for 26 years and this is what I have been waiting for".
Promat worked closely with an independent installer, Chris Phillips from Fahrenheit Stoves Ltd, who built the mock system on the stand, including a live burning inset stove and log storage integrated in the chimney breast. 
Chris said, “My installers and I used PROMAFOUR® for the first time for the Promat stand build and found it to be fantastic. It's easy to use, cost-effective, quick to erect and, best of all, it doesn’t crack. 
As high quality stove and fireplace installers, Fahrenheit Stoves have been searching for a product to use around inset fires for years. Everyone in the industry knows they're a real problem. Many fitters avoid installing them in a contemporary setting, as seen in sales brochures. 
We've tried many methods over the years and have never been satisfied with the results, so have actively avoided installing inset stoves without slips or a fireplace surround. Not anymore though- Promat PROMAFOUR® has been launched and it's excellent”. 
Chris also attended the show in a consultancy role and his knowledge of the market and its requirements proved beneficial in promoting the system to delegates. Chris adds, “I talked to installers, briefing them on the product and answering technical queries. Everyone we spoke to could relate to the problems described above, and could see this as the solution. The PROMAFOUR® system solves a long-standing problem in the inset stove industry in the UK.
Installation is also much quicker. For example, to erect a chimney breast from steel stud work, board with a gypsum-based product or similar, make good the skirting, coving and skim with heat resistant plaster would take approximately 1.5 - 2 days and require the services of a plasterer for a day. In contrast the PROMAFOUR® system would easily be completed in 1 day, only requires filling at the junctions and can be ready to decorate the day after. 
Promat PROMAFOUR® provides a dependable and efficient installation - it’s a fit and forget solution!  We are really looking forward to promoting contemporary inset fires and fireplaces now we have a product we can rely on.”

The Promat UK HPI team will be busy over the coming weeks following up leads from the show and are looking forward to a very promising future with PROMAFOUR®.

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