Fire Resistant Glazing


  • Commercial offices
  • Retail outlets
  • Hotels
  • Universities and schools
  • High specification residential
  • Hospitals/healthcare
  • Government buildings
  • Airport terminals
  • Museums, libraries, leisure

More information available in the Fire Protection Handbook and Technical Data Sheets.

Fire Resistant Glazing

The use of glass as an effective fire-barrier is long-established and well-accepted, offering enhanced aesthetics and greater access to natural light and internal views.

Promat and Promat Securiglass offers a full range of glazing solutions including SYSTEMGLAS which provides both integrity and insulation, as a butt jointed or framed system. The butt jointed system allows architects and designers greater scope when considering glazed partition systems.

  • 30-120 minutes fire resistance 

More Information 

i  FP Handbook: Chapter 8

i  Testing and Certification

i  Promat Glass Website

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Fire Protection Handbook

Technical Data Sheets

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