Cisco Systems

Ireland - Galway
Fire-rated glazing system

Ireland - Galway

A new world-class research and development centre in Ireland has been fitted with Promat®-SYSTEMGLAS fire-rated glazing system.

The system uses the very latest in mullion-free, glass to-glass silicone jointing technology and was chosen for its ability to combine outstanding fire protection with maximum design flexibility.

The new centre has been built in Galway by the leading Internet networking solutions provider, Cisco Systems. The interior has been fitted throughout with double-glazed, mullion-free, acoustic partitions, combined with the patented Promat®-SYSTEMGLAS system.

The system’s glazed screens provide the maximum possible light transmission by replacing mullions and joining adjacent glass panes with a simple butt joint. Promat®-SYSTEMGLAS can provide fire integrity and insulation performance of up to 60 minutes in a butt jointed configuration.

For the Galway project this allowed the architects to include flush finished maple doorsets that feature rebates to the frames that allow the glazing to be sealed directly into the doorset with silicone. This allowed them to incorporate large expanses of uninterrupted glass that complement the minimalist design scheme, while still providing the required fire protection.

This project highlights that providing a robust fire protection system does not need to restrict freedom of design.” says Ian Cowley, Business Development Director, Promat.

Promat has a wide range of fire resistant glass systems for fire ratings of up to 120 minutes.