Building refurbishment is increasingly implemented as a viable alternative to new build, especially when addressing sustainability and reduced carbon footprint.

Refurbishment may entail reconfiguration, upgrading or re-purposing which can require more than just cosmetic enhancements.

Structural works will necessitate the reassessment of fire protection requirements to meet the latest standards and regulations. 

How Promat Can Help

Promat can assist specifiers, designers and building contractors in delivering the most suitable and effective passive fire protection for refurbishment projects, from design concept through to construction and post build. More information can be found under Services.

Promat has a comprehensive library of supporting documentation that can assist with refurbishment project. More information can be found under Reference and Downloads.

Promat has a wide range of fully tested and third party certified products for refurbishment applications, including the following examples:

SUPALUX® the ultimate high performance fire protection board providing: 

  • Slim constructions for up to 30-240 fire resistance.
  • Does not require joint treatment. 
  • Calcium silicate product and being gypsum free can operate in damp environments such as basements, roof voids and risers with the assurance of continued dimensional stability.

Cafco MANDOLITE® CP2, cementitious spray which is cost effective in upgrading existing concrete floors up to 240 minutes fire resistance.

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