Promat®-SYSTEMGLAS: Unleash Your Design Creativity

Promat UK has responded to the growing use of interior glazing in today’s buildings by turning the spotlight on its Promat®-SYSTEMGLAS fire-resistant glazing system. 

In addition to strengthening the sales team behind Promat®-SYSTEMGLAS, the company has issued new literature and updated its web presence in support of the product.

PROMAT®–SYSTEMGLAS: FIRE PROTECTION THAT UNLEASHES YOUR DESIGN CREATIVITY “In recent years, glass has become more widely used as a feature inside buildings, as it allows greater design freedom and maximises the available light” explains Promat’s Geoff Smith.
“Architects are increasingly asking for a glazing solution they can use to bring these benefits to areas that require fire protection, and Promat®-SYSTEMGLAS offers them exactly that.”
SYSTEMGLAS allows the creation of large areas of butt-jointed glazing. “The first system of its type introduced in the UK, SYSTEMGLAS eliminates the need for the heavy and unsightly frames required by conventional systems,” adds Geoff. “It replaces the old-fashioned transoms and mullions with clear butt-joints, so that architects can achieve unlimited runs of aesthetically appealing glazing without any compromise to the fire resistance.”
Capable of providing 30-120 minutes* fire resistance, Promat®-SYSTEMGLAS includes glazing, slim profile perimeter framing and glazed doors, to create a fully-certified protection solution.  Glazed fire compartmentation can now be created around stairs, lift enclosures, corridors and many other areas where solid materials have traditionally been used, giving architects greater freedom in the design of their buildings.

SYSTEMGLAS  can be trusted to provide the highest levels of both integrity and insulation, and it complies with, or exceeds, recognised UK and European standards and regulations relating to passive fire protection. 

The use of fully trained Approved Fabricators to install the system ensures complete peace of mind. SYSTEMGLAS is also backed by Promat’s extensive expertise, and its comprehensive support services which can assist with every stage, from the initial brief through to bespoke design, specification and certification. 

Promat SUPALUX®, fire protection board can also be used to conceal the SYSTEMGLAS frame and create designs where the glazing appears to extend directly out from the wall, to create a modern, clean appearance. 
For more details, please call the helpline on 01344 381 357, or visit 
* NOTE:  framed 30-120 minutes; butt-jointed 30-90 minutes
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