If you are building a false chimney breast for a cassette/inset type fire place then the PROMAFOUR® System provides the ideal solution. 

PROMAFOUR® System is a safe reliable, robust system developed to resist continuous high temperatures of up to 1000°C. 

PROMAFOUR® System is sold through our designated specialist stove and fireplace stockists.

PROMAFOUR® Boards are also suitable for use use behind a wood burning stove or heating appliance and are available through Builders Merchants.

The PROMAFOUR® System includes

  • PROMAFOUR® Boards for the fire surrounds and mantelpiece
  • PROMAFOUR®-Studs for the support structure
  • PROMASIL®-1000L Insulation Boards
  • PROMAFOUR®-HTK Blankets – glass fibre flue insulation blankets
  • PROMAFOUR®-Glue 1000 for bonded assembly
  • PROMAFOUR®-HT Jointfiller for finishing
  • PROMAFOUR®-Primer

The PROMAFOUR® Boards (plus ancillary products - PROMAFOUR®-Glue 1000, PROMAFOUR®-HT Jointfiller and PROMAFOUR®-Primer) are also available separately. 


Provides both the installer and homeowner many benefits including:

  • Resists continuous high temperatures of up to 1000°C
  • Complies with Building Regulations Part J 
  • Easy construction with standard tools
  • Minimal expansion and contraction during and after heating, reducing risk of cracking 
  • Naturally smooth surface that can be easily decorated
  • Does not require plastering, negating need for wet trades
  • High thermal storage capacity helps heat distribution evenly within a room


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