PROMASEAL® Fire Barrier


Promat PROMASEAL® Fire Barriers are designed to be installed within openings in masonry, concrete or stud partition walls. The Promat PROMASEAL® Fire Barrier is cut to size such that a firm friction fit is achieved. Using a trowel or pallet knife, apply a layer of Promat PROMASEAL®

Fire Barrier Coating to the areas in contact with the opening and also ‘buttered’ onto the edges of the batt. Where Promat PROMASEAL® Fire Barrier batts are cut to accommodate passage of services through the batt, the batt should be cut tight-fit into the opening and tight-fit around the service penetrations.

Promat PROMASEAL® Fire Barrier Coating must be used to point-in any service penetrations through the batt. Services should be supported no more than 500mm from both sides of the Fire Barrier. Cables and services do not need coat back.

PROMASEAL® Fire Barrier have been shown to provide a resistance to  re of 240 minutes when tested in accordance with the principles of BS 476: Part 20: 1987.


  • Tested up to 240 minutes (walls) and 120 minutes ( floors)
  • Easily installed
  • Lightweight
  • Easily cut to size
  • Low smoke emission


PROMASEAL® Fire Barrier are used to stop the spread of fire through openings in fire resistant walls and  floors where these are used for the passage of building and communications services. Acoustic data is available on this product, please contact the Technical Services Department.

  • 60 minute Promat PROMASEAL® Fire Barriers (walls only)
  • 120 minute Promat PROMASEAL® Fire Barriers (walls and doors)
  • 240 minute Promat PROMASEAL® Fire Barriers (walls only)