PROMASPRAY®-F5T is a trowel applied, factory controlled premix based on vermiculite and Portland cement. It is used with potable water to be added on site. PROMASPRAY®-F5T will not fail suddenly after the prescribed fire resistance period but will continue to offer a predictable level of fire protection (insulation) for the duration of the fire. PROMASPRAY®-F5T is ideal for application by trowel in interior and fully exposed environments.


  • Applied by plastering techniques enabling repairs to be completed without the need to introduce spray plant onto the site.
  • The effectiveness will not be impaired or destroyed by the effects of water impingement/thermal shock from fire hoses or sprinkler systems.
  • It will remain in place and not be affected by wind turbulence. Resistant to impact damage.
  • May be levelled to present a trowelled finish. Can be easily removed and reinstated locally.


  • Structures protected with PROMASPRAY® F5T can provide fire resistance for up to 240 minutes.