Promat® SBR Bonding Latex


Promat® SBR Bonding Latex is a single pack, synthetic latex for use as a keycoat for fire protective coatings. It is spray applied after first mixing with PROMASPRAY®-F5.

Promat® SBR Bonding Latex forms part of the PROMASPRAY®-C450 and PROMASPRAY®-F5 passive fire protection system and is designed for application to primed steel or concrete substrates.

After mixing with PROMASPRAY®-F5, Promat® SBR Bonding Latex forms a tough, textured, strongly adhering mechanical keycoat. Once the mixture hasccured, neat PROMASPRAY®-C450 or PROMASPRAY®-F5 can be applied over it.


  • Strongly adhering mechanical keycoat
  • Easy to apply


Keycoat for fire protective coating. To be used with PROMASPRAY® fireproofing product.