{fields: promat_Pro_CommercialName} is a single pack, water based acrylic polymer for use as a water vapour permeable topcoat with excellent adhesion. It may be applied by spray, roller or brush. {fields: promat_Pro_CommercialName} is applied over vermiculite and Portland cement based fire resistant coatings that protect steel and concrete substrates against ingress from salt spray, washdown water, chemical spills, rainfall and sprinkler deluge systems. It is especially suitable for use over Cafco FENDOLITE® MII and Cafco MANDOLITE® CP2. {fields: promat_Pro_CommercialName} may also be used on masonry, brickwork and blockwork, whether dry or damp. A wide range of applications will benefit from {fields: promat_Pro_CommercialName}.


Possesses water vapour permeability and does not blister when used on steel and concrete substrates.