VICUCLAD® is a non-combustible board in which the unique cellular structure of vermiculite is maintained and controlled by a pre-treatment process. This gives excellent thermal insulation properties with dimensional stability at high temperatures. It is used extensively for the fire protection of structural steel elements in buildings to provide up to 240 minutes fire protection. It may also be used to protect sheet metal ducts and for the construction of smoke extract ducts (VICUVENT®). Available in two grades: VICUCLAD® 900R – Thicknesses from 18mm to 40mm suitable for up to 180 minutes fire resistance. VICUCLAD® 1050R – Thicknesses from 45mm to 80mm suitable for up to 240 minutes fire resistance. This versatile material is also produced in semi-circular sections known as VICUTUBE®, which can be used to protect circular steel sections and plastic pipes. VICUCASE® is a system in which VICUCLAD®is supplied within a pre-formed steel sheet casing to provide an attractive finish. This finish is available in a choice of colours and is suitable for beam and column protection. VICUBOND® WR is a ready-to-use, one part non-combustible cement for fixing VICUCLAD® and VICUTUBE® boards. It may also be used for gap filling. Delivered in semi-liquid form in 10 litre drums. Allow 1 litre for each 1.5m2 of 25mm VICUCLAD® board. See VICUTUBE® standard size and thickness on the relevant application page. Other thicknesses require a pro rata amount. A health and safety data sheet is available from the Promat Technical Department and, as with any other materials, should be read before working with the board. The board is not classified as a dangerous substance so no special provisions are required regarding the carriage and the disposal of the product to landfill. They can be placed in an on-site skip with other general building waste which should then be disposed by a registered contractor.