• 30-240 minutes fire resistance
  • Large spans tested for self supporting ducts
  • Used in damp or humid conditions
  • Excellent fire insulation properties


Fire protection for ductwork applications and for cable and service enclosures.

PROMATECT®-L500 is a non-combustible low density calcium silicate board used for the construction of self supporting ducts, over cladding of steel ducts and for cable and service enclosures offering high levels of fire performance, moisture resistance and low levels of air leakage.

Boards can also be used to provide fire protection to ensure that critical cables remain functioning in a fire situation.

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  • Ventilation and smoke extract ducts
  • Mechanical and electrical service enclosures
  • Service enclosures
  • Cable protection

  • 30-240 minutes fire resistance dependent on application
  • Class 0 Building Regulations
  • Resistant to the effects of moisture and will not physically deteriorate when used in damp or humid conditions.
  • Performance characteristics are not degraded by age or moisture. Untreated surfaces will absorb water which can cause some loss of strength, but full strength is regained after drying.

  • Off-white in colour and has a smooth sanded surface on one face with a lightly honeycombed texture on the reverse face.
  • Can be cut and installed using standard woodworking tools and equipment.
  • VICUBOND® WR: a ready-to-use, one part non-combustible cement for fixing Promat VICUCLAD® boards and other Promat boards. It may also be used for gap filling. Delivered as semi liquid in 10 litre drums. Allow 1 litre for each 1.5m of 25mm Promat VICUCLAD® board. Other thicknesses require a pro-rata amount.

Technical Data Sheets

  • PROMATECT®-L500_Epoxy_Bonded_Reinforcement_on_Concrete_Decks_and_Beams_TDS117 Download Email
  • PROMATECT®-L500_Compartmentation_Gas_Pipes_TDS022 Download Email
  • Services_Enclosures_and_Protected_Shafts_Maintaining Compartmentation_TDS142 Download Email

Commercial Information

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Fire Protection Handbook

Third Party Certification

  • Certifire Approval - PROMATECT®-L500 – Steel and Self-Supporting Ductwork Systems - No. CF 423 Download Email