• 30 - 240 minutes fire resistance
  • 30 plus years proven performance
  • Damp or humid conditions
  • High temperature environments (up to 80°C)
  • Slim constructions
  • Multiple applications
  • Early installation for faster build


The ultimate and original high performance fire protection board

You can trust SUPALUX® on every level. That's why its the UK's leading fire protection board.

No other board can deliver the same peace of mind with 30 plus years of proven performance.

Its calcium silicate composition offers improved moisture resistance and suitability for application within high temperature environments.

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SUPALUX® boards are available in various sizes and thicknesses to provide fire protection in for the following applications. 

SUPALUX® Door Facings, Impregnated SUPALUX®, SUPALUX® Thatch and SUPALUX® Bevelled Edge Ceiling Tiles are also available.

  • Internal partitions 
  • Shaftwall
  • Ceilings, floors and roofs
  • External and internal walls
  • Structural steel
  • Windposts
  • Service enclosures
  • Protected zones
  • Door upgrades
  • Boiler backers
  • Thatched roofs
SUPALUX® can be used to conceal Promat®-SYSTEMGLAS framing to give a complete frameless appearance.
  • 30-240 minutes fire resistance dependent on application
  • Non-combustible to BS 476: Part 4: 1970 and BS EN: 13501-1 (A1 Classification)
  • Up to 80°C working temperature
  • Class 0 Buildings Regulations 
  • Moisture resistant
  • Impact resistant

Fire test specifications backed by independent third party assessment and certification.

  • 160+ Promat Fire Tests
  • 380+ Promat Assessments

  • Strong, lightweight non-combustible board 
  • Calcium silicate reinforced with selected fibres and fillers 
  • Formulated without inorganic fibres or formaldehyde
  • Off-white and has a smooth surface on one face with a lightly textured sanded reverse face
  • Easy to cut, drill, shape.
  • Promat Moisture Resistant Ready-Mix Joint Filler: for ceiling, partition and lining  applications. Supplied in ready mixed paste form. Easy to apply and sand, providing an excellent smooth finish. Low shrinkage minimises usage and hairline cracking at joints.

Product and Application Guides

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Technical Data Sheets

  • SUPALUX®_and_MASTERBOARD®_Flush_Jointing_TDS001 Download Email
  • 20_minute_ SUPALUX_and_MASTERBOARD®_Upgrade_to_Timber_Doors_TDS005 Download Email
  • 30_minute_SUPALUX®_and_MASTERBOARD®_Upgrade_to_Timber_Doors_TDS006 Download Email
  • 120_minutes_SUPALUX®_Protection_to_Wind_Posts_TDS012 Download Email
  • 30_minute_SUPALUX®_Solid_Partition_TDS014 Download Email
  • 120_minute_SUPALUX®_Mezzanine_Floor_TDS021 Download Email
  • 240_Minute_SUPALUX_and_PROMATECT-250_Hybrid_Barrier_TDS053 Download Email
  • 120_minute_SUPALUX®_Self_Supporting_Membrane_Ceiling_TDS111 Download Email
  • 30_&_60_minute_SUPALUX®_Thatched_Roof_Protection_TDS034 Download Email
  • 60_minute_DURAWALL®_Barrrier_Head_with_SUPALUX®_Protected_Zone_TDS108 Download Email
  • 60_minute_SUPALUX®_Protection_to _Wind_Posts_TDS011 Download Email
  • 60_minute_SUPALUX®_Self_Supporting_Membrane_Ceiling_TDS110 Download Email
  • 30_minute_SUPALUX®_Soffit_and_Fascia_TDS003 Download Email
  • 60_minute_SUPALUX®_Soffit_and_Fascia_TDS004 Download Email
  • 60_minute_SUPALUX®_Timber_Floor_Upgrade_from_above_TDS010 Download Email
  • 90_minutes_SUPALUX®_Protection_to_PIR_Composite_Wall_Panels_TDS107 Download Email
  • 90_minutes_SUPALUX®_Protection_to_Wind_Posts_TDS103 Download Email
  • Promat_Boards_Plastering_Painting_and_Tiling_TDS056 Download Email
  • Services_Enclosures_and_Protected_Shafts_Maintaining Compartmentation_TDS142 Download Email
  • SUAPLUX®_Shaft_Wall_System_Suitable_for_Elevated_Temperatures_TDS146 Download Email
  • 60_minute_SUPALUX®_Protected_Zone_TDS067 Download Email
  • 120_minute_SUPALUX®_Protected_Zone_TDS059 Download Email
  • 30 minute_SUPALUX®_Dormer_Cheek_(non-loadbearing)_TDS054 Download Email
  • 30_minute_SUPALUX®_Load_Bearing_External_Wall_TDS087 Download Email
  • 240_minute_SUPALUX®_Protected_Zone_TDS058 Download Email
  • 60_minute_SUPALUX®_Dormer_Cheek_086 Download Email
  • 60_minute_SUPALUX®_Load_Bearing_Externall_Wall_TDS044 Download Email
  • 60_and_120_minute_SUPALUX®_Water_Resistant_Shaftwall_TDS155 Download Email

Commercial Information

  • Sale_of_Goods_Terms_and_Conditions Download

Fire Protection Handbook

Safety Data Sheets

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Third Party Certification

  • Certifire Approval - SUPALUX® - Board/Spray Protection for Steelwork - No CF 739 Download Email
  • Certifire Approval - SUPALUX® - Partitions & External Walls - No CF 420A Download Email
  • Certifire Approval - SUPALUX® - Suspended Ceilings, Ceiling Membranes & Timber Floors - No CF 420 Download Email